T.U.G.S., otherwise known as The Ultimate Glee Society, is an association for the fans of the ever-popular hit Fox TV show, Glee. The group was first created in the January of 2013, and developed into a support group to assist with Glee and its writers on the major flaws of the hit TV show.

Introduction to GleeEdit

Started off in the year of 2009, Glee has been one of the most popular shows on Fox, and has entertained many viewers with the many antics of Glee characters. The hit musical comedy has been written by co-creators Ryan Murphy, Ian Brennan, and Brad Falchuk.

T.U.G.S. PledgeEdit

I am a Gleek
I was born to be a Gleek
I am living as a Gleek
I depend on being a Gleek

I cherish Glee as much as life itself
I cherish the show for all it has done to me
I cherish the show for influencing my self-love and individuality

I, as a devoted Glee fan and T.U.G.S member
Promise to love Glee
Respect Glee
Expect the unexpected
Hope for the best
I promise to give as much as I can until the day I rest

I promise, when doing my service
To stand tall and strong
To keep up the status
Of the show we've had so long...

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