These are members who are associated with The Ultimate Glee Society. They contribute by having their own opinions, ideas, and thoughts of how Glee is coming out. They have more concerns of a myriad of things: continuity, relationships, and character development. Anyone can be able to join only if you are determined to take part in a society of Glee.

Current MembersEdit

  1. ClevanOTP (Head Captain #1)
  2. GinaSays16 (Head Captain #2)
  3. Tikeamazing
  4. Dongaload
  5. SouthernSwag
  6. WillDaGleek
  7. KurtsieGirlForever2
  8. GabyMEL
  9. Samchel fan
  10. Ilovesebastiansmythe

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